How to Receive the Infilling of the Holy Spirit

 Simple steps to receiving the Infilling of the Holy Spirit:  

1. You must be born again.  

    ☞      God cannot fill a vessel that He doesn’t own.  He cannot fill a vessel that He hasn’t cleaned.  All of this takes                   place when a person receives Jesus and is born again.  

     Matthew 9:16-17 > New wine cannot be put into old wineskins.  This is referring to the Holy Spirit being poured out         on all flesh.  

☞        No one in the New Testament prayed for someone to be filled who wasn’t a believer – born again.  

*NOTE:  If you have not been born again, or you are not sure if you have been genuinely born again according the Word of God, then refer to the Salvation section of the Ministry to You page on the website for instructions and links to assist you in receiving the new birth experience.  

2. Once a person is born again and washed in the blood of Jesus, they are completely qualified to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. 

      Colossians 1:12 > The Father has already qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance that He has already given        to us.  Part of this inheritance includes the infilling of the Holy Spirit.  

     Acts 2:38 > Once we have been born again (baptized in the Name of Jesus) and forgiven of sins through the                 finished work of Jesus, we are qualified to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.  

    Galatians 3:2, 5 > God supplies and we receive the Holy Spirit on the basis of faith, not self-righteous works.  

3. You must have a genuine desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  

    John 7:37-39 > Jesus only called out to the thirsty to come and drink – referring to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.   

4. The Holy Spirit has already been poured out / given.  We do not have to tarry to receive the Holy Spirit.  We can receive instantly.  

     Luke 24:49; Acts 1:4-5 > Jesus only instructed the believers to go to the City of Jerusalem and tarry for the                   outpouring of the Holy Spirit BEFORE the Day of Pentecost.

     Acts 2:1-4 > Once the Day of Pentecost had fully come, the Holy Spirit was poured out in the earth. From this point       on, the believers were never instructed to tarry to receive the Holy Spirit. They could receive instantly.

5.     The Infilling of the Holy Spirit is a free gift from God to be received by us.

*See the Scripture reference and notes section at the end.

6.    As with all the other free gifts that God has given to us, we have to receive by faith. What God has                      provided  by grace must be received by our faith.

     II Corinthians 5:7 > We walk by faith and not by sight.

☞  Faith means that our natural senses are not involved. We have to receive something that is unseen from an Unseen       God. We have to believe and receive something before we can see or feel any physical evidence.

☞  Our evidence and the basis for our faith is the Word of God.

      Mark 11:24 > We have to believe that we receive when we pray. It is through faith that we receive the Gift of                    the Holy Spirit.

     James 2:20 > Faith requires corresponding action. We have to act like we have it. God has given – we have to               receive and act on it.

7. We must yield to the Holy Spirit.

☞  The Holy Spirit will not take control of you and make you do something against your will. He is a Gentleman and will only move in your life to the degree that you yield to Him.

     Acts 2:4 > They spoke with tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. The Holy Spirit doesn’t do the speaking –           the person does – as the Holy Spirit moves on their vocal chords. It is supernatural in origin.

    What should we expect when you receive.
☞   You may feel something and you may not. It is not based on feelings. Spectacular manifestations are the exception,  not the rule.

☞   It may not be spectacular – but it will be supernatural.

☞The Holy Spirit will move in and through your spirit. As Jesus said in John 7:37-39, the rivers of living water will flow out of your innermost being (spirit).

☞ There will be a supernatural language that will originate in your spirit. You will have to yield your vocal chords, tongue and lips to the moving of the Spirit within and give expression to the syllables, words and language.

☞  It is up to you to yield yourself to the move of the Holy Spirit within. He will not make you do anything. He will give the utterance, but you have to give expression to it.

☞  Everyone is different in the degree to which they yield to the Holy Spirit. Some people only express a couple of syllables, while others yield to a whole fluent language. If you do not express more than a couple of syllables, do not become discouraged. The Holy Spirit will be patient and work with you as you learn to yield to Him more. Relax. You will find that you will yield to the Holy Spirit more as you spend time with Him. Know that you have received the infilling of the Spirit. The more fluent language will come.

☞  We are about to pray and ask the Father to fill you with the Holy Spirit. We are going to receive by faith this precious Gift. When we are through, do not say anything else in your known language. Begin to give utterance to whatever the Holy Spirit is giving you. If it is just a syllable or two, speak it out in faith and expect the full prayer language to come. 

Prayer to Receive the Infilling of the Holy Spirit:

“Heavenly Father, I come to you in the Name of Jesus. Thank You that I am born again. I am Your child and You are My Father. Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I believe that Your Word is true and everything that You have freely given to me is mine – it belongs to me.

Jesus prayed and You gave the Holy Spirit to us. You poured out the Holy Spirit in the earth on the Day of Pentecost. He already dwells in me as a believer. Now, I am asking You to fill me to overflowing with the Holy Spirit – that He would come upon me in power and anointing. Jesus said if we ask, we will receive.

Now, I believe that I receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit with the initial evidence of being able to supernaturally speak with unknown tongues. Thank You, Heavenly Father for filling me to overflowing with the Spirit.

Now, Holy Spirit, rise up within me and move upon my vocal chords, tongue and lips to give me this heavenly language. I fully expect to speak with other tongues as You give me utterance.


Scriptures for Receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

       John 14:16-17 Jesus said He would pray the Father and He would give the Holy Spirit. The world cannot receive           Him because they cannot see Him nor know Him. We are to receive Him and know Him by faith.

     John 14:27 The Father will send the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ Name.

     John 7:37-39 If you desire (thirst) for the Holy Spirit, then you are to come and drink. God will provide something           that will satisfy you completely, but it is up to you to willingly take it. Out of your heart will flow rivers of living water.         This gift is received in your spirit and will proceed out of your spirit. Jesus was referring to the Holy Spirit. Those who       believed in Jesus (for salvation) would receive. Once Jesus was glorified (resurrected and exalted to God’s right             hand), the Holy Spirit would be given.

     Luke 11:13 The Heavenly Father knows how to give the Holy Spirit – Who is a good gift – to those who ask Him.

     Luke 24:49 Jesus said He would send the Promise of the Father.

     Acts 1:4-5 The Promise of the Father is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Like John the Baptist baptized, or immersed,       people in water, so the believer will be immersed in the Holy Spirit.

     Acts 1:8 The believer will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon us.

     Acts 2:1-4 Just as Jesus said, the believers in the upper room were filled with the Holy Spirit – which means they          were baptized in the Holy Spirit – and began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. They            began to speak, indicating they did not stop. This is a continuous flow of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gave them          utterance. He gave the utterance, but they had to receive it and speak it out. It wasn’t the Holy Spirit Who was doing      the speaking. He was only providing the supernatural language. They had to open their mouths.

    Acts 2:32-33 God raised Jesus from the dead. When Jesus was exalted to the right hand of God, He received the          Promise of the Father and then poured it out on the church.

    Acts 2:37-39 Peter instructed them to repent (turn and go the right direction), be baptized in the Name of Jesus              (receive salvation), and they would receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. This Promise is to all generations in every                geographical location. The pre-requisite for receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit is to be born again and washed in the        Blood of the Lamb. Once someone receives salvation, they can immediately receive the Holy Spirit.

    Acts 8:4-8, 12-19 (Approximately 8 years after the Day of Pentecost): They received the Word of God and were born      again. Peter and John prayed that they would receive the Holy Spirit – not that God would give Him to them. God            had already given the Holy Spirit. It was up to them to receive Him. Then they laid hands on them and they received        the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Obviously, there was some kind of evidence (they spoke in tongues), because Simon        saw they had received this gift.

    Acts 9:10-12, 17 Saul, who was later renamed Paul, received the Holy Spirit.

    Acts 10:44-47 Those at Cornelius’ house received the gift of salvation and the infilling of the Holy Spirit all at the            same time. Acts 11:15-18 tells us that it was the evidence of tongues which convinced them of God’s grace which            had been extended to the Gentiles.

    Acts 19:1-6 (Approximately 20 years after the Day of Pentecost): The group at Ephesus did not even know that              there was a Holy Spirit. You cannot receive what you do not know exists – at least, you cannot receive what you do        not know has been given and belongs to you. The question was: “Have they received?” Not, “Has God given the            Holy Spirit to you yet,” or “I have come to pray that God will give.”

   Galatians 3:2-5 We receive the gift of the Holy Spirit as a result of faith, not by earning Him or being good enough on     our own.