Ministry To You

Cowan Ministries is here to help you from your new beginning in Jesus to your new destination.  You will find resources on this page to take you from receiving you new life through salvation to walking in this newness of life in Christ.  

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

How Can I get started in this new Life?

The first step to your new life - and establishing a new beginning - is to come to Jesus.  He alone holds the keys to this new life.  It is easy.  Simply pray the prayer or, if you would like a little guidance,  you can watch a video where Pastor Tony will personally lead you in a prayer for salvation.  Click Here

Next steps

Once you have launched out in your new life, what do we do next - where do we go and how to we get there?  This ministry is here to help guide you through this new life in Christ.  

  • How to Receive the Infilling of the Holy Spirit.  To view the video and view the outline click here.  
  • Suggested Navigation Course.  To view and download the Course, click here.  
  • Renewing your mind to this new way of living.  This section is Coming Soon!
  • New Life Applications - Learning to Walk in Newness of Life.  This section is Coming Soon!  
Next Steps

Next Steps

Personal Ministry

Personal Ministry

Personal ministry

Along life's journey, we all need some help from time to time.  Although we cannot take the place of a local church, we are here to provide encouragement and Word-based teaching to individuals in specific areas.   

  • Receiving Healing for Your Body.  
  • Personal Prayer Requests.  If you a prayer request 
  • Testimonials.  If you have a brief testimony of something the Lord has done in your life, we would love to hear about it and rejoice with you.